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Insurance for Manhattan Endocrinology, PLLC

Dr. Martorella is committed to spending adequate time with each patient in order to listen to their medical history and prescribe the proper treatment. As a result, our practice must uphold the following policy:

Private Insurance:

Dr. Martorella is an "out of network" physician for all private insurance plans. 

Full payment is expected at the time of the visit. 

Patients will be given a receipt to submit on their own to their insurance company for reimbursement.


As of August 15, 2008, Dr. Martorella has "opted out" of Medicare. 


Medicare guidelines forbid our office from submitting any claims to Medicare either directly or through secondary insurance. 


Patients will be asked to sign a  "private contract" indicating that they are responsible for full payment at the time of the visit and that the visit fee will not be reimbursed by Medicare.


All laboratory tests sent out of the office and radiology studies requested by Dr. Martorella will continue to be covered at the discretion of Medicare or your private insurance company.


Dr. Martorella is not responsible for the amount of reimbursement patients receive from their insurance company.

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